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 Welcome To SicK clan!

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PostSubject: Welcome To SicK clan!   Sun Aug 14, 2011 3:26 am

Subject: .:Site Rules:. Saturday August 13, 2011 5:25 pm
It is very important that new members, existing members and forum members read through the whole thing. Try to avoid these rules.

Site Rules:

You can post bad words but don't exceed the llimit. Post with proper English, like if you are writing a paper or Essay. If you post Non-proper English you will get a warning then banned, which means your not a SicK Member, if you were in The SicK division. We want to look great to the community and other clans.
Punishment:(3-7 Days)

Spamming | Flaming:
Don't post comments/topics only because you want more post counts or more stars. Look at when the topic has been last posted, if you post in it and it is a old topic, it's spam. Don't Spam at any Section because it is anything off topic. Do not flame on the site, to a person from another clan, to a member of SicK or member of the site. you will get banned. If after you say joking we will know if your joking or not. Flaming also is counted as immaturity.
Punishment:Warned (3-7 Days)

Do not offend other users on this site/members of SicK. Don not do this on the chat as well.
Punishment:Warned (2-4 Days)

Violent Reality | Site Looks:
Do nothing to make the Site or Clan look bad. Do not even spam on another clan site/chat because people will start thinking this clan/site is ****ing Gay. If the Admin/Moderator see's something bad in a thing you made (Youtube Video, image etc...), you will have to take it down or edit the part that was bad.
Punishment:Warned-5-13 Days)

Illegal Download links:
Keep this piracy links to your self or keep it in private messages we can get sued if we post it and get the site ****ing deleted. You will get banned permanently if your behavior was bad here.
Punishment: Muted (3-6 Days)

Porn/Nude Content:
Don't post Porn/Nude images on the site. Keep in mind they're are Younger posters on the site. Keep these links to yourself. If you want porn go google it yourself. We want to show of a good image to our site and as well as the divisions.
Punishment:Permanent Ban

Blood/Dead Content:
Don't post Heavy Blood or dead body images/videos here. It is just ****ing disgusting. As i said about Porn/Nude,they're younger posters on the site. We want to show of a good image to our site and as well as the divisions.
Punishment:Permanent Ban

Be active
Be sure to be active. We want this community and forum to be active. When we mean active we mean active on the chat and on forums. Be sure to post a few times a week.
Punishment:Kicked out the clan if in the clan.

Forum Section:
Try to post a topic where you think fits most, like for example, if you want to discuss a video, song it goes to Entertainment forum.
Punishment:Warned (6-10 Days)

Don't make a another account to spam, flame, or do anything stupid. IP Addresses will be check to see who has alts a few times, if you didn't do nothing stupid, i'll let you off in a warning.
Punishment:Muted (3-6 Days)


A new rules will be added if needed. Try to avoid breaking this rules.

-SicK Ghosts

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Welcome To SicK clan!
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